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My Stories

Told through the years at concerts, festivals, bars and street corners. Enjoy!

The Flight of the Spielkamrad

Nine guys caught in a killer storm for forty-eight hours.   A true story. Exciting. Serious. Spiritual. 22 min.

Lost in the Ooze
The story of a town that finds an addictive substance (Ooze) and loses itself in the addiction. The town is saved by one of the townspeople who creates an avalanche to destroy the irresistible substance. This story is a Modern day fairy tale for children of all ages. 8 min.

The Artist Within
Answers the question, "Why I write and tell stories." and flashes back to finding a wonderful work of art, made by his Uncle, which hidden in the basement. Serious. Insightful. 10 min.

The Sax Man

The story of Carl Waxman, who made his living playing the saxophone through good times and bad. 15 min.

On Killing Kenneth Jacobs
A road story. Traveling through Europe. Left behind in Copenhagen. Humorous.  Adventurous. 8 min.

Old Thunder and Lightening
A story of youth and rivalry and a feud that is settled on a golf course. A tall-tale. Humorous. Click here to see clip of Ted Fink telling Old Thunder and Lightning. 18 min.   

In Search of Joel Gomez
An adventure story, which revolves around the eel industry in the United States. It takes the main character to the jungles of the Dominican Republic in search of a man who he believes has the information that will make him rich. This epic poem was the precursor to Ted's novel, In Search of Joel Gomez. It is a rare glimpse into an otherwise obscure world. 

Brothers All
A heart-warming Christmas story.  Six Jewish fraternity brothers go caroling and save the holiday for a blind girl. Humorous. Serious. Poignant. 8 min.

In Mysterious Ways 
An insurance man fights a phony Jesus Christ in a tenement in a Puerto Rican ghetto. Spiritual. Poignant. 10 min.

Traffic Court
In the defense of a bogus speeding ticket.  A couple of crazy judges and a couple of crazy people are thrown together.  Humorous. 11 min.

Goodbye Bones
The heartwarming adventures of a willful Basset Hound who was once kidnapped and held for ransom. Humorous. 17min.

It's Policy

A writer threatens to blow up an airplane when the airlines loses a bag full of his writing and then destroys the bag thinking it's worthless. Humorous.  Poignant. 14 min.

The following stories are also available for in-person performances. Please contact Ted for more information.

Earl the Indian

A true story and a tribute to an itinerant truck driver who saves a truck in the backcountry of North Carolina. 18 min.

The Great Gefilte Fish Story
The first story of the eelman series.  Buying 20 thousand pounds of carp for the Jewish holidays from an unscrupulous fisherman who sells a load of dead carp to a new buyer because the buyer won't give him his hat. 15 min.


Sticks and Stones
Takes place at an all-boys camp dedicated to sports. One boy, the heavy weight-boxing champion of the camp calls another a name. The derogatory new title is immediately picked up by the rest of the campers, and is made an object of ridicule. The conflict is resolved when the boy who has been shamed challenges the champion to a boxing match. 14 min.


Charles got lost in the shuffle
Story of an innocent man who gets caught up in the bureaucracy of the municipal courts and criminal justice system. 8 min.

Sometimes A Little Discipline
Story deals with a new teacher in a tough ghetto school.  Humorous. Serious. Contains profanity. 14 min.


Seguro / Comino.
Two adventurers drive to Mexico to scuba dive on the island of Isla Majaries and pick up two escaped convicts in the Yucatan. 15 min.

The Flower Doll
A story of child abuse. Takes place in the early nineteen hundreds. Told by an aging woman to her granddaughter. 20 min.


Private Fink
Boot camp. The regular Army. The reserves. Humorous. 18 min.

Vietnam: How they got there, Why they went
Told with the great storyteller, Robin Moore. Two different views on the war and of war itself.


The Planet (part one)
After humanity has destroyed the planet the last vestiges of life return to a prehistoric-like existence.


The Dent
Modern day hill men living as though it were the 1800's. Trappers and fishermen. Based on a true story.


The Other Side of the Bridge
A family tries to escape from Russia in 1902 and the mother is faced with a Sophie’s Choice. 9 min.


The Old Neighborhood
After moving away, going back to visit the guys in the old neighborhood.

The Flight of the Spielkamrad
Lost In The Ooze
The Artist Within
Stories - On Killing Kenneth Jacobs
In Mysterious Ways
Brothers All
In Search of Joel Gomez
The Sax Man
Old Thunder and Lightning
Traffic Court
Goodbye Bones
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