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Pebble in the Fire


Pebbles in the Fire, Ted Fink’s latest mesmerizing novel, takes place in Nicaragua and is a story of hope. It revolves around a young boy who was sold into servitude at the age of 5, a poor farmer who desperately wants to have his three year old son's cleft palate repaired, and a young American girl taken in by a band of rebels after her parents were killed by federal forces. Together they begin a courageous and perilous journey to reach Managua before the surgeons from Operation Smile leave the country.

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The Incident at Parkside

In Ted Fink’s latest novel, The Incident at Parkside, seventy-seven year-old Melvin Kappernick does something unexpected; instead of retiring to a gated-community in Florida, he moves back to the neighborhood of his youth in an attempt to recapture some of the mystery and magic he knew as a boy. But the area has completely changed, and Kappernick finds himself embroiled in a drama that turns violent. Poignant and gripping you won’t be able to put this book down.

Game of the Gods


An action-packed adventure novel about a journey into “maybe.” For maybe, just maybe, we are all mere pawns in a game being played by the gods. Harrison Shepard wants a quick and easy story. Instead, he gets the adventure of a lifetime. Maybe it’s the gods who make this down-on-his-luck investigative reporter follow a ridiculous, nagging clue to a blockbuster story. And maybe, just maybe, it’s these same gods who cause a sadistic mafia henchman to snap, kill an associate, kidnap and brutalize a young woman that fate puts in his way. And who else could make a seasoned sailor travel clear across the country to find a monstrosity of a ship—one certainly bound for hell—built by a man who believes not in faith but in the corner bar? Game of the Gods puts all these people together for one hell of a ride.

In Search of Joel Gomez

A riveting adventure and love story that begins when thirty-five-year old Mickey Mazen, a Philadelphia writer and father-to be, finds himself at a crossroads. His last business venture has failed and his wife is about to deliver their first child. Reluctantly, he puts his dreams on hold and enters the lucrative but grueling enterprise of buying and exporting an unusual product: The American eel. Mazen finds himself on a perpetual road trip, from the remote fishing villages of Nova Scotia, to the rivers of North Carolina, and ultimately deep into the jungles of the Dominican Republic. Soon, Mazen’s social and artistic life begins to disintegrate, and he is in a constant battle to keep his business alive. As the competition encroaches on his fishermen, greed, deception, and crime rear their ugly heads. It’s an arduous journey, but what he discovers in the end, is much deadlier than anything he could have imagined and he is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever.

The Tales I've Told

The Tales I’ve Told is a compelling collection of original stories told by world-class story artist, Ted Fink, who takes us through many journeys—true adventures—from fighting in the back streets of Philadelphia to drinking and singing with a chieftain in a remote fishing village of the Dominican Republic. These stories have been tested and honed in performances at theaters, festivals, and cafes, and they vary in texture and pace. By purchasing the e-book, you’ll be able to hear ten of the stories told by Fink himself, or watch three that have been made into videos, and you’ll come to understand how the author has interpreted his own tales! Read the story! Hear the story! See the story! The Tales I’ve Told is unlike any other collection of short stories you’ve ever read. They’re sure to make you laugh, gasp, or cry. But most of all, they’ll make you glad you’ve visited the wonderful storytelling world of Ted Fink.