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"When I want to hear a rip roarin' story told in 8 cylinder exuberance, I go to see Ted Fink -my favorite storyteller.”

Bill Mettler, The Quiet Riot

"Ted's high-gear style is explosive, funny, ironic, with rapid shifts that can take the listener from belly laughs to weeping in the course of a single sentence." 

Tina Devine, Story Teller


"Your performance at the National Storytelling Conference was superb!" 

Ray Gray, National Storytelling Conference Video Director


"My heartfelt thanks to you for weaving your tales at the Festival of Lights…They loved you. It was a "sell-out"-standing room only both times…. Your animated, enthusiastic style had the audience riveted." 

Laura Henrich, Director/Coordinator. Philadelphia Art Museum.


"Rarely do we have the opportunity to be 'taken away' to another place, but your adventures managed to do just that for each of us who attended." 

Jini Loos, Public Relations Coordinator, Studio B Theater, Wayne, PA


"Ted Fink is an authentic storytelling genius. His gift is the ability to turn an every day event into a spellbinding adventure." 

Jo Ann Mekis, Entertainment Director, The Mermaid Inn, Chestnut Hill, PA

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