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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ted Fink started writing poetry when he was five, stories when he was twelve and music when he was eighteen. Throughout his young adult life he was a restaurateur, an entrepreneur and an educator.  His unique businesses and life experiences helped set the stage for the tales and novels he has created to date. 


From 1977 to 1981 he was co-owner of Superior Fish Company, the largest exporter of Anquilla Rostrata (the American eel), shipping millions of pounds to Europe and Japan.  This adventurous business was the catalyst for Ted's first published novel, In Search of Joel Gomez. 


His original songs and music enhance his intense, humorous and poignant monologues. He is the ultimate performance artist and has acted in several major theatrical productions. 


His love of the arts and his experience as an educator led to the creation of his classic fable, Lost in the Ooze, designed to help elementary school students understand the perils of addiction - an issue so prevalent in today’s society.


He has proven time and time again that his stories cross the barriers of age. All who hear him fall under his spell.  Many things may change, but one constant will always remain - Ted Fink will push the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

He has written six additional books: The Tales I've Told, a compelling collection of original stories; Game of the Gods, an action-packed adventure novel about a journey into "maybe"; The Incident at Parkside. a gritty tale of the inner city; Pebbles in the Fire, a mesmerizing story of hope; Descent Into Darkness, a dark, political thriller; and his latest release, The Long and Short of It:  Tapestry of Tales.


Past Performances:

The National Storytelling Conference (twice)
The Media Fellowship House
Stagecrafters Theater (1 man show--3 nights)
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Allens Lane Art Center
Germantown Jewish Center
The Philadelphia Fringe Festival ( 2 different years)
The Kimmel Performing Arts Center
The Philadelphia Folk Festival (2 different years)

And many clubs, taverns, bars, backyards and street corners



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