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Early in 2022 while cleaning up his desktop computer Ted Fink rediscovered eleven hundred pages of stories, screenplays, poems and songs he had written between 1984 and 2010.

"I got so caught up in writing my five novels, I had almost forgotten about them.
It was like digging up and rediscovering a piece
of my past" 


Descent into Darkness: A Fight Against Terror



Was it luck or fate that led Adrian Moss to the evil
that could destroy America?

Descent into Darkness is the latest novel of master storyteller, Ted Fink.

Embittered by the murder of his best friend, Adrian Moss is now in the business of locating unsavory characters.

An enraged and humiliated father hires him to find the person responsible for duping his daughter into making a pornographic film, and without her knowledge, blasting it across social media where her friends and family find it.

As Moss searches for the perpetrator, he finds himself smack in the underbelly of a white nationalist organization plotting to create chaos and build an army of hate groups.

He learns that these groups have one thing in common --- they want to destroy democracy and they don’t care how they do it or who they hurt in the process.

It seems that everything in Moss's life has led him on a path he is forced to follow.
He is an American, he loves his country.
But what can he do? What resources does he have? How can he help?

Take a rollercoaster ride into chaos.
Get your copy!


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Ted Fink Facebook Event Incident at Park

The Incident at Parkside

Amazon Five Star Review

Wonderful Character Development

"A true page-turner! There is suspense, grit, twists, and turns. The characters' development is woven throughout the story. I especially liked Kapernick's compassion and his ability to learn new things during his retirement. This slice of Philadelphia is a terrific read!!"

-Lois and Larry Brandt

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From March 2020 until April 2021 Ted shared his stories and songs online, and then hosted his Zoom Arts with Friends series. Enjoy! Click to view more.

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