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A Visit with Ted
The Eelman returns - in a podcast!

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Lately, things have gotten very interesting and exciting. The Eel industry is back in my life.  After forty years it appears that “I’m out on the road again”.  Of course, I say that metaphorically, but recently, with all the excitement about eels I’ve come in contact with Nick Walker, the mayor of Eel Town!  Eel Town is an International non-profit organization for eel conservation and Nick is a conservation biologist studying all aspects of the American eel and eel conservation around the world.  Nick and I met thru his website. After a few conversations, he invited me to be a guest on his podcast.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Nick is interesting, informative, and a great guy.  I think you’ll enjoy the show and find him as likable as I did. You can watch the podcast at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGaX4rsqN78

My novel, In Search of Joel Gomez, is an adventurous story, revolving around the Eel Industry and based on actual events. If you haven’t read it…I hope you will add it to your summer reading list.

Stay safe,

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